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Get an up close view at how every piece is created. Step into Tiffany's Turquoise Studio where all the magic and artistic spontaneity happens.


What's New?

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May Market.PNG

New Events!

Join me at the 36th Annual Virginia Beach Spring Craft Market in May. Come and explore the talented displays of handmade goodies and exceptional crafts.


New Blog Post:

The Color Turquoise

Let us have a look at the history and popularity of the color Turquoise.


New Artwork

Creative Business

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I'm a Creative, Do I Need a Vision Plan?

If you find yourself asking this question, you probably do. Think of a business plan as your North Star - an anchor point to come back to when your life leads you astray. I've created an artist's vision plan, a creative guidebook to get you started in your art business.

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Art Business (Smaller) (2).png

Looking for Beta Testers!

I’ve created MY FIRST online course that focuses on getting to know yourself as an entrepreneur, your business idea (this is for creatives too!), and what you may need to do to get your business started. Before I make this super public, I want to make sure all the bugs are squashed! Have 30 minutes? Sign up for my course and give me feedback!

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