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My Passions & Dreams

I believe in the power of art to inspire people and bring them together. I'm inspired by my reality, environment, and dreams.


My passion and drive can be seen in every piece I create whether it's physical or digital and I put my entire soul into the creation process in hopes that I may inspire anyone who comes across my artwork.

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What's New?


Head to the Studio

Get an up close view at how every piece is created. Step into Tiffany's Turquoise Studio where all the magic and artistic spontaneity happens.

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New Events!

Unlock business growth with AI! Whether you are just looking to stay updated or eager to learn about the transformative potential of AI, these events offer a valuable opportunity to connect, learn, and contribute to the ever-evolving field of AI.


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New Blog Post:

The Top 5 Marketing Strategies Every Entrepreneur Needs to Know

Join us in exploring the top five marketing strategies every entrepreneur should master.

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As a Consultant

Artisan-Preneur is also a creative and general business consulting service that helps entrepreneurs develop their business model, create social media marketing strategies, and understand how to deliver value to their customers.

My Mission: To help entrepreneurs build their businesses from the ground up and sustainably grow their companies.

It's Not Personal...
It's Just Business.

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How Do I Find My Audience??

While all creators get joy from the work they do, to continue with their endeavors they may be required to market the work and eventually sell it. This is always easier said than done but there is a classic marketing technique that can help you find and communicate to people that will buy your creations – the ideal customer.

Click here to discover your audience and get access to my FREE "How to Find Your Customer" e-book.

Inside you'll find detailed strategies on how to find YOUR perfect customer!

Young Business Colleagues

Everyone Needs a Coach

You are an amazing artist, maker, creator, or entrepreneur.

You want to build a sustainable income doing what you love. I can help with that! Whether you're a DIYer and prefer to do things on your own or you're the business bestie type, I have a track for you!

Start off strong, reach more people, and make money with your creative passion. It’s time to take your craft and business to the next level!

Click here to learn more about my DIY and Helping Hand programs today!


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Tweet Streets

Stay up to date on my latest art, antics, and ideas. My Twitter feed features "hot off the press" artwork and announcements and it's also where I brainstorm project ideas and hang out with the Ai and NFT community

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