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Creative Business

Do you have a hobby or are you running a business?

What kind of creative are you?

Are you an Artist?

  • Do you sell your artwork online, in a gallery, or at art shows?

  • How do make money in addition to selling your art?

  • Do base your art prices on your materials cost or how much you value that piece?


No matter what kind of creative you are, there are basic things you need to know to make money and be successful with your craft!

Cutting Soap

Are you a Skincare Artisan?

  • Do you know how much your fragrance oil costs per ounce or ml?

  • Whom are you targeting with your marketing?

  • What is your niche as a skincare artisan?


What I Do





You love to create. 
People love your work.

Business isn't your jam, it's mine. 
Let me love my jam & help you too!


  • Set your goals

  • Determine your niche

  • Understand your audience

Cost & pRICING

  • Know the cost of your craft

  • Plan to make money 

  • Understand your pricing


  • Set your SM goals

  • Research the competition

  • Create your SM strategy


  • Know your story

  • Brand-storm your craft 

How are you going to transform your creativity into a business?

Creative Business Consulting

  • Get help in developing a simple plan of attack for your business  

  • Create more targeted content so you get the right message to the right audience

  • Learn about pricing your products or services

If you’re an artist, designer, or maker who wants to build a sustainable income doing what you love, then this is for you. I can help with everything from setting up your website and social media accounts to creating a vision plan that will help grow your business.

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