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Virtual Reality Exhibitions

Explore my creative and spontaneous galleries featuring the HUE collection. In 2022, each month will feature a new color and virtual immersion allowing the viewer to experience common hues in a whole new way. 

Black HUE Exhibition

Let's explore the classic black and white paintings in a virtual space with life-like images and videos surrounding you and immersing you in a whole new world! Visit the gallery HERE.

Black Gallery.PNG

Blue & Brown HUE Exhibition

Dive into the deep blues and smooth browns of the HUE collection. Come rub elbows with artists and creatives alike in VIRTUAL REALITY. Visit the gallery HERE.

Blue & Brown Gallery.PNG

Abstract Motion Exhibition

Experience abstract acrylic motion-inspired art in the comfort of your own home. The abstract acrylic paintings focus on using motion and bursts of color to bring the pieces to life. Visit the gallery HERE.

Abstract Motion Art Gallery.PNG
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