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Hi! I'm Tiffany and I'm the owner of Artisan-Preneur, where I create custom artwork and help creatives transform their passion into a business. I'm a wife, mom, and U.S. Navy Veteran and we're located in Virginia Beach, VA. 
I've been blessed to serve my country as a sailor and then as a civilian, spend my days painting and creating with my two children, and run my business.
My creative pieces are inspired by my ever-evolving and fantastical life. My imagination is sparked by the endless possibilities that are at my fingertips and when in mid-creation, it feels like nothing short of a dream to be designing such awesome works of art.

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Artist Statement

I am a painter and mixed media artist who lives and works in Virginia Beach. By applying abstraction, I'm able to focus on emotions, movement, and the present allowing my subconscious to take control. I'm often intentionally unintentional and this is what you see throughout my work. 


As a self-taught artist, I work with acrylic paint and mixed media and find these mediums free-flowing, affordable, and unpredictable when married. My inspiration comes from life in music. From about the age of 3, I've always been immersed in music. As a dancer, I enjoyed tap, ballet, and lyrical while as a singer, I focus on R&B, neo-soul, and jazz.  As I close my eyes while the music plays, I see the possibilities of my artwork. I'm caught in the infinite meetings between the two disciplines every day and it's impossible for me to tear myself from either one.


The main subjects of my work are memories, movement, and emotion which is important to me because sometimes events, places, and feelings can be lost. Inserting these things into my art locks fleeting memories or feelings into a visual vault. My paintings don't reference recognizable forms and the results are meant to be deconstructed by the viewer to the extent that meaning is shifted and possible interpretation becomes multifaceted. My artistic process consists of community research, memory inspiration, and the physical translation of my being present.  This is important to understanding my work because once the translation takes place, a better understanding of what my entire being is trying to say becomes clearer.


My works feature coincidental, accidental, and unexpected connections which lure the viewers in. I find myself combining unrelated aspects of inspiration leading to surprising analogies. 


The ideal exhibition space for my work is wherever the viewer is. The purpose of this convenience is to have the ability and comfortability to see the intricacies of color marriage, presence, and gradient. These intersections and actions are the lines of communication for my pieces. All the ways the colors move, interact, connect, and present are vital to the production of an understanding of the piece by the viewer.

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