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50 Ways to Make Extra Money as an Artist

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Making extra money as an artist can be a challenge, but it's not impossible. In fact, there are many creative ways to make more money that don't involve getting another job. If you're looking for some side hustles to bring in some more cash or just want some ideas to help you save up for your next project, then you'll want to read this blog post! I've compiled 50 different ways that artists can make extra money, so there's definitely something for everyone.

So, without further ado, here are 50 ways to make extra money as an artist:

  1. Sell your artwork online

  2. Participate in art fairs and festivals

  3. Teach art classes

  4. Offer commissions

  5. Work for a gallery or museum

  6. Design logos or illustrations for businesses

  7. Paint murals

  8. Do live painting at events

  9. Create and sell digital products like eBooks or courses

  10. Sell physical products like prints, mugs, or t-shirts with your designs

  11. Be a model for other artists

  12. Manage social media accounts for businesses

  13. Start a Patreon account

  14. Apply for grants and residencies

  15. Do freelance writing about art

  16. Edit or photograph other artists' work

  17. Sell your skills as an artist assistant

  18. Do live demonstrations of your work process

  19. Create and sell products for other creatives, like planners or organizational tools

  20. Offer art tours in your city

  21. Lead workshops at local schools or community centers

  22. Participate in pop-up shops

  23. Write and illustrate a children's book

  24. Design wedding invitations

  25. Paint pet portraits

  26. Make handmade jewelry or other wearable art

  27. Offer personalized art services like hand lettering or calligraphy

  28. Design stationery or business cards

  29. Carve stamps

  30. Sell your art on consignment

  31. Do street performance art

  32. Busk in public places

  33. Make and sell arts and crafts kits

  34. Design patterns or fabric

  35. Lead painting parties

  36. Curate an online gallery

  37. Start an art blog

  38. Start an art podcast

  39. Design phone cases or laptop skins

  40. Film and sell time-lapse videos of your paintings

  41. Provide art tutoring services

  42. Do freelance design work

  43. Sell products you make with found objects

  44. Participate in crowdfunded projects

  45. Lead an art retreat

  46. Do installation art

  47. Sell your photos to stock image websites

  48. Rent out your studio space

  49. Participate in online challenges or contests

  50. Make and sell stickers


  1. Design book covers

  2. Write an art column for a local newspaper or magazine

  3. Coach people on how to start an art business

These are just a few ideas to get you started. Making extra money as an artist is definitely possible, you just have to get creative! What are some other ways that you've made extra money? Share your experiences in the comments below! And don't forget to share this blog post with your fellow artist friends! Thanks for reading!

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