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Celebrating Black Excellence: 15 Inspiring Artists 🖤

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Black History Month is a time to celebrate the contributions and achievements of African Americans throughout history. It is a time to recognize these individuals' impact on our society and inspire future generations to strive for excellence in their lives. This month, we will honor 30 of the most inspiring African American artists and entrepreneurs over 2 blog posts, highlighting 15 artists and 15 entrepreneurs who have left a lasting legacy through their creativity and entrepreneurial spirit. These individuals have pushed boundaries, shattered stereotypes, and challenged the status quo, inspiring countless others to follow in their footsteps. Whether through art, music, literature, or business, these African Americans have made a lasting impact on our world and deserve to be celebrated.

Kara Walker is one of the 15 inspiring African Americans we're honoring. She is an artist and creative mastermind known for her exploration of race, gender, sexuality, and history through a variety of mediums, including painting, silhouettes, drawings, prints, installation, and public art. Learn More Here.

Kehinde Wiley is another creative genius we're celebrating. Wiley is a contemporary artist best known for his vibrant, large-scale paintings of African Americans in heroic poses -- often posing as figures from classical European art. His work directly challenges the traditional representation of people of color in historic artwork and has been featured in prominent galleries and museums worldwide. Learn More Here.

Rashid Johnson is an American artist whose work ranges from painting and sculpture to video, installation, and performance. His pieces often combine found objects, such as shea butter, wax, wood panels, and various metals, with traditional art media like graphite drawings and photographs. Johnson's works also incorporate political themes related to African-American identity and culture in the United States. Learn More Here.

Lorna Simpson is an American conceptual artist best known for her large-scale photographs and videos that explore the complex relationship between gender, race, and culture. Learn More Here.

Betye Saar is a renowned African-American artist whose works explore race, culture, and identity themes. She is best known for her assemblage pieces incorporating found objects such as bottle caps, dolls, buttons, feathers, and other ephemera. Saar's work often makes reference to the struggles of African Americans throughout history while also invoking spiritual symbols from various cultures. Learn More Here.

Simone Leigh is an American sculptor and installation artist whose work is often large-scale and immersive, making use of a variety of materials such as ceramic, bronze, wood, and glass. Learn More Here.

Hank Willis Thomas is an American artist and photographer whose work often explores issues of identity, consumerism, race, and history. His art ranges from photographs to video installations and sculptures. Learn More Here.

Nathaniel Mary Quinn is an African-American artist whose work is both empowering and thought-provoking. His art reflects the importance of identity, consumerism, race, and history. Quinn’s work ranges from photography to video installations and sculptures.

Learn More Here.

Mickalene Thomas is an African-American contemporary artist and painter known for her vibrant, large-scale works which explore themes of femininity, sexuality, beauty, and power. Her pieces often feature a mix of media such as acrylic, rhinestones, enamel, oil paint, and glitter. Learn More Here.

Ebony G. Patterson is a Jamaican-born artist whose work examines the intersection of identity, class, race, and consumerism. Using quilt patterns, butterflies, fabrics, and other found objects, she creates art that celebrates the beauty of people of color. Her works range from photographs to installations and sculptures. Learn More Here.

Robert Pruitt is a contemporary artist known for exploring the relationships between African-American culture, popular culture, and personal identity. His work often features mixed media installations and sculptures that feature vibrant colors, patterned backgrounds, and iconic figures from pop culture. Learn More Here.

African American artists' and entrepreneurs' talents and achievements deserve to be celebrated and remembered. Their contributions to our society have a profound impact, shaping the world we live in. As we continue to honor and recognize their achievements, we hope to inspire future generations to strive for excellence in their own lives. If you are inspired by these trailblazers and want to stay informed about new art, education, and business content, subscribe to below.

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