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Plans For The New Year

Updated: Jun 22, 2022

If you’re reading this, then you probably realize that I forgot to send out a newsletter and blog for December 2021. Lol Usually I get them out within the first week but…


I forgot. 😂🤣🤦‍♀️

It’s ok though because here we are at least before the official middle of the month.

It’s December, and next week is Christmas. As an artist, I’ll be focusing on beginning my new HUE Collection. If you’ve ever seen my art, you’ll notice that I like using color… a lot of colors.😂 So I wanted a collection of paintings that allowed me to focus boldly on each color in my palette. As I create it, I want it to flow similar to a music album. There will be a prelude or intro piece, a main body of work, and closure or conclusion. As I go through the process, I’ll update you all on how things are looking.

So, let’s get into all the other stuff I'll be diving into in 2022.

Let's Talk About...

  1. 2022 Events

  2. New Art

  3. Other Business Ventures


I’ll be applying to take part in the “In A Blue Mood” exhibition at the Virginia Beach Art Center at the end of the month. This will be my FIRST gallery exhibition! I’m still exploring whether I want to showcase my art in a gallery or not on a regular basis. So the best time to start is now! I’ll let you all know how that goes. Jury selections will be made the first week of January sooo JUST IN TIME for our January blog and newsletter! 🤣

VB Christmas Market November 2021

Last year I attended the VB Christmas market in Virginia Beach and it was LARGELY successful! So in 2022, I want to attend all 3 shows. This will definitely help with showcasing my new work throughout the year and I’ll get to meet tons of new people! During the market in November, I learned a lot of things in regards to my art and myself as an artist. I was asked about my artistic process, people wanted to know how I created my pieces and what products I used. I met many fellow artists, young and old, and was able to be an inspiration to some and found inspiration in others for myself. One big thing I learned was that people LOVE LOVE LOVE resin, especially when it’s on a painting. So here’s to a new year of meeting new people, learning new things, and making new art!

New Art

Next year, I'll be focusing on some new art. For the spring, I want to focus on

experimenting with new resin molds and new designs and colors. If you remember, for the holidays in 2021, I made holiday coaster and wine rack sets and Beach scene coaster and wine rack sets and damn near sold out every time I took those to a show or market.

So in 2022, I’ll be snagging some new molds and will debut those around mid-February to early March.

The new owner of Soul Flow (36"x48") Acrylic Painting.

Some other things I'll be focusing on in 2022 are resin table tops and larger canvases. To date, the largest canvas I've painted has been 36 inches by 48 inches and was sold at the Virginia Beach Christmas Market in November!

Other Business Ventures

SO last but not least, I am much more than just an artist. I am a business consultant and the co-founder of a video gaming cafe. Next year, I’ll be focusing on opening my consulting program up to 4 clients. Yes… that’s not a typo. I meant 4. 🤣‍🤷‍♀️

As a consultant, I am guided by “Quality”, not “Quantity” and so I would like to give 110% to each client that I bring into my program. If you have any questions or would like to schedule a free consultation, click HERE.

And on a whole other planet, yes, I am one of three co-founders of a video gaming cafe. The name of our company is Cyber Nerd Gaming and we focus on PC, console, and VR gaming. I and my team will be focusing on fundraising in 2022 and hope to secure a commercial building to begin renovations! If you want to stay in the loop with what we're doing and for more info, head over to our website (HERE) and subscribe to our email list!

2021 Sign Off!

So that’s it! This is the LAST newsletter/blog for 2021. I want to say thank you to EVERYONE who has supported me so far in my business and to all the people I’ve met this year. You all are a big part of my business and success as a business owner. I thank you all for the questions, feedback, criticism, and of course any and all of your support! I hope everyone has an awesome holiday and of course, if you’ve reached the end of this blog, THANK YOU! As a token of my appreciation, use code: 2021 for a special discount on my website on ANYTHING!


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