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Flower Blues (20" x 20") Acrylic Painting

Flower Blues (20" x 20") Acrylic Painting

Flowers have been some of the most-loved subjects throughout art history. They're timeless, filled with joy and hope.

But while flowers have been a part of art for centuries, it almost feels like nothing new can come out of it. With this fluid acrylic painting, I wanted to bring a fresh perspective and harness the power of flowers in an unexpected way.


This painting is an original piece of artwork.


It is 20" by 20" on a cotton canvas with a depth of 0.5" and uses hues of blue and green acrylic paint as the base colors. Throughout the piece, there are ribbons of gold and teal that marries and glide across the canvas in a rippled dance. This painting comes ready to hang. 


If this painting inspires you, contact me and we can chat about creating your next piece of art!


Check my portfolio for more inspirational artwork. 

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