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Learn how to start and run a business as a kid!

YEP 4 Creatives is an entrepreneurial program that teaches kids aged 11 to 16 interested in pursuing a creative business the fundamentals of business in 5 days.


In the program, participants will learn how to:

  • Visualize their goal

  • Develop their product/service based on market research

  • Identify and target their audience/customer

  • Distribute and promote their product/service

  • Market and brand their product/service

  • Create a business model

  • What pitching a business is and how it works

  • Set up and sell their product/service at a local event (market, tradeshow, etc.)

Participants will also have the opportunity to enjoy “Creative Hour” where they will get a brain break and explore different crafts and art techniques. Throughout the week we will have different vendors from Selden Market come in and speak about how they started their business and give some tips about being successful in business. 




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Program Details


Will they need materials or supplies?

  • Participants can bring a writing utensil and some paper. 

  • Binders will be provided for them

  • Lunch or afternoon snack and/or money to purchase food/beverages at Selden Market shops.

What should they not bring?

  • The following items are PROHIBITED.

    • Drugs, non-prescription medicine, alcohol, weapons, and any other illegal substances or items.

    • Electronic devices or expensive/important belongings. There is nowhere to lock up personal items so only items that can stay with the participant at all times should be brought.

When is the program going to take place?

  • The instructional portion of the program will be held Monday through Friday, 10 am-2 pm from July 18th-July 22nd, 2022.

  • The market day will be Saturday, August 27th, 2022 from 11 am-3 pm with set-up and program assistance beginning at 9 am that day.


How long is the program?

  • The program is 1 week long, running from Monday, July 18 to Friday, July 22

  • The last day of the program, Market Day will be held on Saturday, August 27. 

    • This time gap gives the participants a chance to create or improve their product or service, and marketing material, and practice pitching to friends and family in preparation for Market Day

Where will this program take place?

  • At Selden Market in Downtown Norfolk (208 E. Main Street)

  • Selden Market is the area’s first retail incubator, working to create the region’s most supportive and thriving environment for small businesses— featuring local shops, food, rotating pop-ups, and community events.

  • For more information on Selden Market: or visit their Instagram: @seldenmarket

Where will “Market Day” take place?

  • Market Day will take place at Selden Market in Downtown Norfolk on Saturday, August 27th, 2022 from 11 am-3pm with set-up and program assistance beginning at 9 am that day. It will take place during Selden’s Young Money Maker / Artist & Maker Market event.

What’s the age requirement for a participant?

  • A participant will need to be at least 11 years old to participate but no older than 16 years old. 

How much does the program cost?

  • The cost of the program per participant is $50 for the entire week. 

    • This covers the cost of supplies and materials

Is lunch provided?

  • No. Lunch is not provided. The participants should bring lunch OR bring money to purchase lunch at one of the vendors in Selden Market. 

  • Doughnuts and water will be provided for a morning snack.

Additional Information

  • Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, juice, and water will be provided for a morning snack

  • ALL arts and crafts supplies will be provided

  • Participants must be dropped off no later than 15 minutes prior to the program start time (start time is 10 am)

  • Participants must be picked up no later than 15 minutes following the program end time (end time is 2 pm )

  • The participants should bring a lunch OR bring money to purchase lunch at one of the vendors in Selden Market

  • Participants will not be allowed to leave Selden Market for any reason without a parent present. 

  • Only parents or authorized persons are allowed to pick up a participant

  • ID check will be required for anyone other than a parent to pick up a participant

  • For more information on Selden Market:

Register your Young Entrepreneur for the program!

Program Curriculum

Day by Day and Hour by Hour plan


Day 1 - Monday


Hour 1

  • Introduction to the program by us (15)

  • Doughnuts & water

  • Participant introductions & explain their product or service (30)

  • Pass out program folders (5 min)

Hour 2

Go over SMART Goals (worksheet) (10)

  • Participants fill out worksheets & let kids ask questions (30)

  • * educational video on SMART GOALS (10)

Hour 3 (Creative Hour)

  • Bathroom & Brain Break /Lunch (30 min)

  • Paint Pours (50)

  • *Send pics of paintings to parents

Hour 4

  • Go over why, what, and niche of business (worksheet)(30)

  • How to develop your product/service using market research (20)

  • Questions & Answers (10)



Day 2 - Tuesday


Hour 1  

  • Doughnuts & water (15)

  • Who's Your Audience? & Customer pain points and goals (worksheet) (20)

  • How will people use your product or service?

  • Startup Costs & Funding (worksheet) (30)

Hour 2 (Creative Hour)

  • Tye Dye t-shirts (45 hr)

    • Using t-shirts, fabric pens, food coloring, etc. 

  • Selden Market Vendor Speaks (15)​

Hour 3

  • Bathroom & Brain Break/Lunch (30 min)

  • Who's Your Audience? & Customer pain points and goals (worksheet) (20)

  • Startup Costs & Funding (worksheet) (30)

Hour 4

  • Who's Your Audience? & Customer pain points and goals (worksheet) (20)

  • Distribution & Promotion (worksheet & brainstorming)(40)

  • HOMEWORK: Make a flyer to promote your business 


Day 3 - Wednesday


Hour 1

  • Review flyers & critique (1 hr)

  • Doughnuts & water (during critiques)

Hour 2

  • Pricing (Cost-plus pricing)(worksheet)(30)

  • Selden Market Vendor Speaks (15)

  • Questions (10)

Hour 3 (Creative Hour 30 min)

  • Bathroom & Brain Break /Lunch (30 min)

  • Create jewelry (30)

  • Branding: Explain Brand Board (5)

Hour 4

  • Brandstorming (1 hr)(worksheet)

  • Have participants complete the branding worksheet and help each other if needed

Day 4 - Thursday


Hour 1

  • Doughnuts & water (while the speaker is speaking)

  • Guest speaker (YouTube Chef/Entrepreneur- Yasmine Charles) (15)

  • Questions (10)

  • Explain “Create Business Model” (5) (worksheet)

  • Take questions from participants

  • Complete Business Model worksheet (25)

    • Combine everything from all other worksheets

Hour 2 (Creative Hour)

  • Misc. Decorating Mugs (1hr)

  • Use paint pours, markers, etc.

Hour 3

  • Bathroom & Brain Break /Lunch (30 min)

  • Explain pitching and how it works and what they need (10)

Hour 4

  • Work on creating your pitch (1 hr)

Day 5 - Friday **PITCH DAY**


Hour 1

  • Pitch Group 1 presents their business ideas

    • after each pitch, we critique

Hour 2

  • Pitch Group 2 presents their business ideas

  • Bathroom Break (10)

Hour 3

  • Review pitches to customers (30)

    • What are you going to say to get someone to your booth

    • What will you wear (branding) 

  • Selden Market Vendor Speaks (15)

    • Market setup overview (15)

      • *show pics and videos of creatives setting up their booth space

Hour 4


    • Little Ceasars (cheese & pepperoni)

    • Play music

    • Give out certificates of completion 


MARKET DAY - August 27 - Saturday (OPTIONAL)


Hour 1

  • Set Up tables and booths (30)

  • Explain how to best set up (30)

Hour 2

Doughnuts & water (15)

  • Give everyone their table signs and small easels or frame holder (SURPRISE)

Hour 3 & 4

  • Selling and doing market research

Hour 5

  • Review their progress and success

  • Parent Pickup

Register your Young Entrepreneur for the program!

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